The Services That We Offer

What can’t we do? Nothing, IT is a huge area and as such, demands a very large and demanding skill set; the key is to realize that there is no such thing as a global IT Engineer, which is why we have different people with different skills. If you need a database building we will send a database engineer to talk to you. Need a network? We will send you someone capable of designing and installing a network. Occasionally we may be tasked with something we are not 100% sure about (I did tell you IT is a huge area) but rest assured we will research and explore, research again and only when we have our facts and figures right will we recommend the solution, but we will get it right!


We can setup a training environment for you at a destination of your choice; we can supply laptops with Microsoft Office installed, connected via cables or wirelessly configured to your specification. This year we have already provided training environments for the Metropolitan Police and the National Crime Agency at locations in the North and South of England.
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Data Loss Prevention

Most organisations hold confidential data, not only their own but often that of suppliers or customers; DLP software can prevent the unauthorised removal of data from the corporate network by email, USB transfer and even printing or screenshots. We can help you become compliant with a DLP solution.
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In previous times, viruses ranged from being mischievous and inconvenient to time consuming and malicious; today there is a new breed of virus, purely with the intention of making the attacker money. They can now encrypt your company data rendering access impossible without a decryption key that they will only provide once you have paid the ransom! These Crypto viruses can be stopped with a multi-level defence.
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Office 365

Office 365 has become the de facto standard for email hosting, allowing you the control you need for calendaring, public folders and collaboration but without the significant costs associate with implementing and supporting an Exchange server. Available just as an email solution or combined with the Microsoft Office suite, you always have the most current software with the cash flow benefit of paying monthly or yearly.
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